Hansel and Gretel themed miniature witch house

How I made the Witch Gingerbread Dolls House

This is the first Miniature project I have done that started off with a kit – I wanted a short project to fill time (and save space!) and I saw that the Dolls House Emporium were doing a competition where you buy their MDF wood kit and use your imagination to turn it into something different. I thought this would be a perfect quick build house for me.

This is the kit which you can buy from their website:


My kids gave me the idea for the Gingerbread house as we were reading a book together ‘Night Time Tale’ and it has a witch’s house in it.

I started off making the floor. It is made out of Masonry Cement (standard DIY stuff) made to look like tiles then painted, shaded and then moss added (scenic scatter, reindeer moss etc)

Witch Floor


The Gingerbread frame is made using the kit provided as the base and I added a side section for the fireplace, then covered the whole thing with cement and textured it to look like gingerbread. I then painted it (about 50000000 times!) to try and get the right colour for gingerbread. You wouldn’t believe how many different shades of Gingerbread there are lol.




I made the cage out of wood pieces that I had in my craft drawers then painted them with black metal paint then dry brushed with my warhammer (Games Workshop) chainmail paint.

Dolls House Cage





I made the dresser out of strips of wood, cut down and aged. I then painted them and distressed it to look old.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4




The fire surround is made with wood that came in the kit meant for the wall brackets (I like to re-use as many things as possible when I make miniatures)


I made the table out of wood. The legs are pieces of wood I found in the Kit meant for the gables, but didn’t want to use on the actual house, so I ‘aged’ them, added coloured beeswax and ink and attached them to the table top. The top is just an interesting piece of wood I found at a DIY shop cut down to size.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

All the food is hand made out of Fimo/Sculpey or Preemo clay. I used liquid fimo for the Gummy Bears and decorators caulk for the icing and cream.






Making Liquorice Allsorts out of fimo clay, rolled in micro beads and baked

I made the witch by altering a Dolls House Emporium doll into a witch.  I dyed her dress, ripped and aged the apron and made her a new face out of fimo and scraps of wool for the hair left over from a knitting project!





Making miniature oreos!


I was hungry a lot of the time during this project!!  the marshmallows are made from extruded clay wound together and the lollipops are fimo clay rolled out and wound around each other.






One response

  1. Maddie, This is wonderful, I loved Bag End, but it’s the Gingerbread house which has inspired me (possibly because Bag End seemed to me a rather overwhelming project). I collect BJD’s and I want to make a biscuit barrel home for my smallest ones who are elves just 16cm tall. The descriptions of how you made your biscuits etc. has helped me greatly.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful projects…on to the next one. 🙂

    April 29, 2014 at 6:00 am

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